Spring Cleaning!

Springtime is here in Larimer County!

It’s important to make sure that the air conditioning systems are ready and working.

– Get started on landscaping
Remove dead branches, plant grass seeds to dying parts of the lawn, clean the grounds, and make sure that those gutters are clean for the rain.

– Test fire and smoke alarms
Walk through the property and make sure that all the fire/smoke alarms are filled with new batteries and are working correctly.

– Tidy up the exterior
Wash the exterior of the property to remove any dirt or grime. Also, make sure that the freezing weather from the past winter has not damaged any of the steps or driveway.

– Repair sealing around doors and windows
Make sure that none of that expensive air conditioning is leaving the house through doors or windows.

– Check pipes and water lines
Make sure that nothing was damaged this past winter and that everything is in working shape for the hot months to come.

Hopefully, these simple tips give you some guidance on how to get your property ready for the summer!