Perseid Meteor Shower

Hello Everyone! My name is Kendahl and I am the new Office Assistant here at All County Larimer.

I am a recent addition to Fort Collins from Mesa, Arizona and I’m loving the weather and how green everything is! I’ve lived in the mountains before and always enjoyed it way more than the desert and big city so moving to Fort Collins felt very natural. One of the things specifically about Fort Collins that I’ve really enjoyed since moving here last month is just how active and friendly everyone is.

I have already heard of the Tour de Fat which happens this coming Saturday September 3rd which sounds super fun and exciting. I also just found out about the Perseid Meteor Shower, something I could NEVER have seen while living in the city, that happens this Thursday/Friday night the 1st and 2nd, peak hours between 10am and early morning Friday.

I can’t wait to see what the coming Fall and Winter seasons bring.

Fort Collins Piano Art!

For several years artistically painted pianos have been placed around town for the public to enjoy seeing and play if you are so inclined. The pianos are repainted by various artists fairly often while sitting outside, so you may get to watch an artist at work as you stroll through Old Town. Of course it does rain and snow occasionally here in Fort Collins and the public is asked to help by bungee cording tarps over the pianos during inclement weather. The pianos even have their own own Facebook page FoCo Pianos

End of summer. Lots going on!

This weekend is looking like it is going to be one of the busiest of the year for Fort Collins. Along with a record number of CSU students returning to school, the Loveland/Fort Collins leg of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge is coming back to Fort Collins. If you are wondering what the USA Pro Challenge is, think of it as the US version of the Tour de France complete with the top professionals in the world, costumed spectators lining the course, and of course bad traffic due to closed roads.

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